Kids In Perth Children’s Hospital Take Gold In The Bravery Awards

When it comes to bravery, these kids receiving medals in Perth Children’s Hospital’s oncology ward are world-class.

Naomi Holly came up with the idea of the Bravery Awards two years ago, after seeing her sons compete in the school athletics carnival.

“I couldn't help think of all the kids on the ward that didn’t get that privilege and the ones that have returned to school that may never get to win a ribbon, due to the side effects of their treatments,” Naomi told The Project.

At the same time her sons were competing in the carnival her daughter Nora was fighting cancer, after being diagnosed at just eight months old. Naomi was inspired to give Nora and other hospitalised children that same sense of achievement that the schoolkids felt.

"I thought, 'you know what? These kids in the hospital - they need to feel proud of what they’re doing'."

"These kids deserve a medal more than anyone.”

Naomi contacted companies that made gold medals and asked if they were able to help. The proposal - to make Bravery medals for the kids in the pediatric oncology ward to be handed out during Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

Frank, from Trophyland in Sydney, got back to Naomi straight away. Not only did he say he could make Bravery Award medals but he then said he would donate 100 of them.

Naomi then got in touch with Startlight to see if they could help hand them out to the children and the Starlight Captains came on board! Camp Quality's puppets also came to take part.

“When I initially thought about doing these medals I had the kids in mind and how happy it would make them," Naomi explained, "But these medals exceeded all my expectations. These medals did so much more. The joy and happiness it brought the parents was amazing.”

None of this would have been possible without the selfless donation from Frank. He has already done it twice and has just offered to donate again this year. All of this despite Naomi and Frank never having met - yet they have since spoken on the phone.

Naomi said, “It gave the parents an opportunity to acknowledge how proud they were of their child’s bravery. The emotions were amazing. The staff, nurses and doctors loved them too and what it brought to the kids and families.”

After the success of the previous ceremonies, the Bravery Awards will make their return on the ward again this September.

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