Meet The Brave Boxer Defying Convention

Bianca “Bam Bam” Elmir is punching down barriers through boxing

What you need to know
  • What you need to know • Muslim boxer Bianca will be fighting for Aussie title • There’s a new documentary about Bianca called “Bam Bam”

Bianca “Bam Bam” Elmir is a boxer with a difference. At 36, she’s got a degree in international relations, she’s a Muslim and she’s about to fight for an Australian title.

In speaking with The Project, Bianca said that boxing is a “highly technical sport, when a lot of people would assume it’s just thuggery…”

She sees boxing like art work, in the way that she puts pieces together, “and then before you know it you see the end results… a beautiful masterpiece.”

There’s even going to be a documentary about Bianca’s incredible journey called Bam Bam. Jemma van Loenen, the director of the documentary, said, “She [Bianca] likes to challenge people in their perceptions of who she should be. There is bolshiness around that.”

Bianca’s mother, Diana, said if Bianca “is going to do something, you can’t stop her.” She learned from early on to “sit back and hope for the best…”

Diana said, “In the early days it was very scary to watch the fights because it’s pretty brutal… Sometimes I do sit there and I have to remember to breathe while I’m watching the matches.”

Bianca said she’s “fought incredibly hard to smash those stereotypes of what it is for me to be not only a muslim, but a woman… I don’t wear a headscarf. I drink alcohol. I’ll have relationships with guys that are outside of marriage.” But because of this, she’s come across some critics.

She said she loves the faith, but has been told that she’s “not muslim enough,” and that boxing is “not what you’re meant to do…” Despite all this, Bianca is fighting on.

If you’d like tickets to Bianca’s fight on August 18, they are available here

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The next screening is in Canberra on Sunday 19th August @ 11am @ Palace Electric Cinemas - tickets for this are only available through Fan Force.

The film will also be screening at the Lebanese Film Festival in Sydney - 1st September @ 6pm @ Hoyts Bankstown. Tickets via

Or if you want to find out more about Bianca herself, you can visit her website