Cairns’ Deadpool Bringing Joy To The Northern Streets

Though Jake’s costumed patrols have caught the attention of police

Jake Bingham is making quite a name for himself on the streets of Cairns. But the name isn’t his own – it’s Deadpool.

The 17-year-old likes to dress up as the sassy superhero (famously played by Ryan Reynolds in a pair of Marvel blockbusters) and head out “on patrol”.

“I patrol mostly in the district of Cairns, around the CBD area,” Jake says. “The only thing that goes through my mind is what’s going to happen tonight.

Having moved a few years ago from Perth to Yorkeys Knob, on Cairns’ northern beaches, Jake decided that he wanted to help fight crime. And he’s found that putting on Deadpool’s suit has given him a big dose of self-confidence.

Kids love to play with him, and tourists love to stop and ask him questions.

In fact he even met his girlfriend Bethany while on patrol in the Deadpool costume. But keeping the costume for their first date – to see Thor Rangnarok – created an issue for people who weren’t aware of the character.

“To them it was just this person fully covered and brandishing weapons,” explains Constable Russ Parker. Police and terrorist investigators were dispatched to the scene, and Jake ended up arrested, and fined $500 for being a Public Nuisance.

Then last month, video circulated of Jake in an altercation with a man at the bus stop where he was waiting to head in to town.

“He gave me a few shoves and all that,” Jake recalls, “and I don’t know what happened, I just ended up pushing him and dragging him to the ground.”

“He did exercise a great deal of restraint he, protected himself as he is lawfully entitled to do,” Constable Parker says, “And certainly it appears from that he was just the victim of unwarranted attention from potentially a drunken fool.”

But while Constable Parker says Jake acted nobly in handing back his assailant’s thongs to him, the police aren’t that keen on his vigilante crime-fighting.

“We rather people left that work to the police, and certainly we appreciate people being our eyes and ears… but people can do that without the need to get into costume.”

But Bethany is sticking by her costumed man.

“He isn’t everyone’s hero but he’s definitely my hero, I’m his number one fan.”