Meet The Aussie Who’s Considered as Smart as Einstein

Australian maths professor Geordie Williamson talks to The Project about his beautiful mind

Sydney University maths professor, Geordie Williamson, is about to become the youngest living member of the Royal Society. It is best known as being the home to the world’s greatest scientific minds, including Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

36-year-old Geordie works in representation theory, which means he gets to spend his day thinking about complicated structures that only exist in higher dimensions.

However, Geordie doesn’t think of himself as a genius. In speaking with The Project, he said, “I think the thing I can do is think about things for a long time. I’m tenacious, but that’s about it.”

He believes mathematics gives you “a way of understanding the world that’s very powerful and useful.”

When Geordie looks up at the sky and sees clouds, he doesn’t just see clouds, but instead sees some “differential equation describing the wind.” When he sees nature and the way ferns curl he thinks of hyperbolic geometry.

He said the feeling he gets from seeing the world in this way is similar to how people may feel when they solve Sudoku after hours of trying. But he could be working to solve a problem for 10-years, so when he does, the feeling is slightly greater.

Despite his incredible accomplishments, Geordie has never solved a Rubik’s cube. He said he’s saving it for when he’s sick for a month and needs to pass the time.

So if you’re a young person looking to explore the world of mathematics, Geordie has a message for you. He said you just need to “find the right way into it… there are fantastic YouTube channels.”