The Cutest Self-Isolation Yet

It’s not all bad in isolation!

A mother has uploaded a video of her toddler twins debriefing on a big day in isolation and holy moly, it’s the best isolation video we’ve seen yet.

The premise is simple: “Every night, my twins talk to each other about what happened during the day. This was their conversation from last night,” she wrote.

What then unravels is a bold 55 second discussion of a life in quarantine.

“We’re in Quarantine!” they accurately announce, followed by a declaration of “Spring time! It’s almost spring time!” Showing a clear understanding of both their situation and what time scale they exist in.

What then follows is what only can be described as a cleansing ritual. Which is one part spinning, one part hard science, and another part pillow-fight.

I don’t know about you, but we’re definitely going to introduce this daily routine into our self-isolation schedule. Check out the adorable video below.

We sure hope our self-isolation ends up being as fun as theirs.