The Quarantini – When Your Spirits May Be Shaken, But Not Stirred

When a Berocca Martini just isn’t doing it.

It’s amazing what a bit of social isolation can do for creativity. By now we have probably all seen the quote that Shakespeare wrote King Lear during a Black Plague quarantine, Bon Iver wrote his debut album For Emma, Forever Ago while isolating himself in his Dad’s cabin, and I’ve been working from home for 5 days now and have done some very creative stuff with my facial hair.

But, like all things in life, self-isolating can be improved by adding alcohol (editors note – only if you are over 18 and enjoying it responsibly). And it hasn’t taken people long to come up with the perfect cocktail while in lockdown; The Quarantini!

When twitter user Marilyn Skarloff posted “time for a Quarantini”

Time for a quarantiniii

a drink that seems to be one part Gin and 1000mg of Vitamin C, the makers of the Vitamin C supplement did not “C” the funny side (Come on, I haven’t spoken to anyone outside of my family for 5 days, let me have a bad pun) posting “We do not recommend taking any of our products with alcohol.” But I’m sorry Emergen-C, my wife also doesn’t recommend me having a handlebar moustache but here we are.

And who knows how long we are going to be in quarantine, so here at Bad Ideas HQ I’ve come up with a whole menu of drinks that the lawyers here at Ten Daily insist you do not consume. I repeat, 100% DO NOT MAKE THESE DRINKS.

The Ebola Lime and Soda

One Lime, which is packed with vitamin C, some Soda water which is very low in calories and mix it with an organ destroying virus that puts fear in even the bravest of people.

The Hanky Panky

A COVID-19 twist on an old favourite, simply mix Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Ferna-Branca, Orange Twist, and, if you have a runny nose, an extra hanky.

A Panadol Spritz

Traditionally a summer drink but in these crazy times who cares?! Just like an Aperol Spritz but take a Panadol with it (editors note – DO NOT DO THIS!!)

And finally...

A Whiskey and Dry Cough

One glass of whiskey, one cough into your elbow pit, wash your hands thoroughly, repeat.

Please enjoy (editors note – DO NOT DRINK ANY OF THESE!!) and remember, every hour at Bad Ideas HQ is happy hour.