Voice Assistant, Alexa Can Help Avoid Those Inevitable Family Arguments This Christmas

Fights on Christmas day are as traditional as pudding or Grandma saying something racist but luckily Alexa can now come to the rescue.

The tree is up, the roast is in the oven and the family is arriving. The scene is set for many arguments around the Christmas dinner table. Well, that’s not everyone’s experience of course, some families argue around the Christmas lunch table.

A lot of things can cause tension amongst family members, it could be money, religion, or TV spoilers. It could also be your overachieving cousin Rachel who constantly upstages you by announcing her engagement to her long term partner and 31st work promotion, meanwhile you’ve been on a string of dud first dates and think about quitting your job every five minutes. Ok, maybe that’s getting too specific, but whatever sets you off, Alexa is here to save the day.

This photo is titled The Opposite of Christmas

After a couple of Christmas beers and way too many servings of ham it’s understandable that our conflict resolutions skills are not at their sharpest. Luckily a feature has been added to the home voice assistant, Alexa which is designed to ease the tension.

When things get heated, simply say the magic words “Alexa, change the subject”. This will prompt the device to fire off a series of conflict free questions that are a lot more fun than being lectured about your poor financial decisions.

So what exactly will Alexa say? Questions range from “What’s your favorite animal, and why?” to “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?”. Other questions include “If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why?” and “Do you have a celebrity crush? Who is it? Much like diffusing a bomb, these questions will return Christmas back to safe mode.

Alexa will turn your fights about money into animal chats and who can be angry about something so cute? (Image via pixabay)

Christmas is busy for all of us and now with Alexa’s help we can focus on the important things like food, food and more food.

So in case Uncle Greg asks who you voted for, Aunt Sarah asks why you’re still single or someone says the dreaded words “Let’s play Monopoly” Alexa is the perfect thing to have by your side on Christmas day.

Alexa, who’s actually looking forward to Christmas for once?