Do You Look Like An Orc? Have We Got The Job For You

Perfect faces need not apply.

Ever wanted to be in the Lord of the Rings but don't look like Legalos? Well you’re in luck.

The new Amazon TV adaptation of Lord of the Rings is desperate for people that don’t look quite right to join their orcish ranks.

Casting calls have gone out looking for people of all shapes and sizes to fill the roles of Lord of the Rings extras.

New Zealand talent agency BGT has thrown the doors wide open looking for everybody from “stocky mean-looking bikers” to “hairy hairy people of all ages and ethnicities” and they’re obviously not just on the lookout for orcs because they say they also need people with “natural red hair” and “lots and lots of freckles”. So maybe Amazon is also preppng a Pippy Long Stockings series.

You do have to be based in New Zealand to apply which is kind of tough, but if you fit the bill of being both a Kiwi and a “circus performer who can juggle, stilt walk!” then it’s possible the new Lord of the Rings TV show has just the role for you.

Imagine, there’ll be a shot in the show where the main characters walk through a town square and there you are in the background up on stilts looking like some monstrosity.

They probably won’t even mention you, and you definitely won’t have a character name, but still, there you’ll be. ‘Stilt guy’, you’ll probably be referred to in the official wiki that gets made for the show.

So if you know anybody who fits the description of having “wrinkles and lots of them” let them know they could be an orc. Make sure you specify it’s for a TV show.

Don’t just tell any wrinkled person you know that that “hey, you know, you look like an orc” because that’s going to make an awkward Christmas with Grandma.