Genius Mum Tricks Her Toddler With A Cardboard Cut-Out

Parents around the country will be rushing to Officeworks

What you need to know
  • A mother in Japan has made cardboard cut-outs of herself to trick her son
  • Hopefully her son is not reading this article

Any parent will tell you that looking after a young child is very much a full-time position, and if they say otherwise they are probably negligent and you should report them to the authorities immediately.

The thing about kids is that they’re really needy. They need food, clothes, shelter, toys, and water. As well as attention, they need lots of attention.

But, one mother in Japan has developed an ingenious way of ensuring that her one-year-old always feels like he has her complete and undivided attention. To stop her child from crying every time she leaves the room, this mother has created a life-sized cardboard cutout of herself so that her son never feels alone.


In a video filmed by the child’s father, the mother can be seen slyly substituting herself for a cutout version of herself while her son is distracted watching TV. She then quickly exits the room and quietly closes the door behind her.

She’s even cleverly gone to the trouble of ensuring that the cutout version of herself is just out of reach behind a childproof gate so that her son can never discover the truth that the woman watching over him is just a two-dimensional façade.

It should come as no surprise that this technology has been invented in Japan, a country that is always at the forefront of innovation. These are the people who developed the bullet trains, the digital camera and karaoke, so of course they are the first to create cardboard parents.

The mother has taken the deception even further by even creating a cutout version of herself kneeling on the floor, in case her son starts to become suspicious as to why she’s been standing motionless for three weeks straight.


Of course, one key flaw in this subterfuge is the fact that she is always wearing the same outfit. Presumably, she has to wear that same outfit every day, but it seems like a small price to pay for some me-time.

Christmas is coming up, so if you know a parent with a small, credulous child who isn’t too curious about why their mother or father has been frozen stiff with the same facial expression like they’ve just had extreme Botox, a cardboard cutout might just be the perfect gift.