A Champagne Expert Has Revealed The Correct Way To Drink It

Getting sick of finding out you’ve been doing things wrong? Well, add drinking champagne to the list!

A champagne expert, (yes, dream job) Françoise Peretti has revealed the best way to get optimum enjoyment from a glass of bubbly. Now I know that what everyone loves when having a few drinks is rules, so what are they?

Firstly, choosing the right bottle. Peretti told The Daily Mail there is no such thing as the ‘best’ champagne: whichever champagne you like the most is the best one for you. Which is great news, because personally I find the best champagne for me is on sale at Aldi.

Secondly, keeping the bottle cool. If you’ve been putting your bottle of champagne on just ice to keep it cold, that’s a rookie mistake. Peretti says adding water and salt to the ice is much more effective in cooling it. The salt lowers the freezing point of water and will get it cold in just 30 minutes. The faster it’s colder, the faster you can sip it down while delighting your friends with juicy details about your ex.

These bottles may as well be taking a bubble bath

Now to the fun part, opening the bottle. How do you usually do it? If you twist off the cork, that’s wrong. If you pop the the cork with your thumbs, that’s also wrong. If you put it atop a bunsen burner using the pressure of heat to explode the cork off, that’s very wrong. According to the expert, the right way to open champagne is to hold the cork still and twist the bottle instead. It makes it far easier to open, unfortunately it does take all the fun out.

Very incorrect

We have reached the most import stage, the drinking. Typically, people serve champagne in flutes, coupes, or the shoes of Formula One winners. Wrong, wrong and wrong. The correct serving vessel is tulip shaped glasses which allow the champagne to breathe without losing its bubbles.

So, there you have it the right way to choose champagne, chill it, pour it and the perfect serving glass, I just hope they sell them at Aldi.