Robots Took Our Jobs And Now They’re Taking Our Kids!

Kids are looking at AI and smart speakers as a member of the family. Is this a sci-fi dystopia come true, or a chance for parents to put their feet up and relax?

According to a recent article in Mashable, kids are beginning to see the AI presence in their household as simply another family member, having long conversations with their smart speakers at treating it like a friend.

Is this a chilling vision of things to come, or has it made our lives better?

Consider this: you know when your kid will ask you dumb questions like “why doesn’t the sky melt?” or “are there horses that drive cars?” and you find yourself pressing your temples, trying to figure out how you’re going to make it to wine-o’clock?

Well, thanks to Google Home and Alexa, that problem is a thing of the past. Your kid can sit there for hours on and endless loop of asking “but why????” without your smart speaker ever caving in and screaming “BECAUSE I SAID SO NOW GO TO BED!”

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And if little Billy or young Sarah bring home a new friend from school, you’re going to have to worry whether it’s one of those kids that likes to spew on everything, pee in the pool, or teach your kids dirty limericks. If your child’s only friend is their smart speaker however, you can just turn on those parental controls and tune out. No fear of the dulcet tones of Alexa corrupting your child; she’ll just read him Wikipedia articles and play Wiggles songs.

But best of all, interacting with a smart speaker is a great way to prepare kids for adulthood. Getting random facts from Wikipedia is like having to work with that one guy at your work who’s a real know-it-all.

When your speaker plays music it trains your kids to be able to put up with that dude who brings an acoustic guitar to every party.

And you know when you sit there saying “OK Google” over and over and over without your speaker acknowledging that you’ve said anything? That’s exactly what it’s like to raise teenagers.

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So yeah sure there’s always a danger of AI becoming self-aware and deciding to wage war on humanity forcing the survivors for form a rag-tag resistance movement living underground and fighting the machines in a prolonged guerilla war.

But in the meantime, just sit down, pour yourself a cheeky wine, and let your smart speaker do the parenting. What could possibly go wrong?