Client Liaison Limo For Sale

Now is your chance to live life like you’re in a music video.

Off white limousine. Client Liaison sung about it and then made a video clip to splash all over Rage and that video featured the titular ‘off white limousine’. If you saw that video and thought “damn, I want to own the limo that Client Liaison are riding in”, guess what? You are in an incredible amount of luck.

The off white limo is on sale. On Gumtree. Normally you’d pop on Gumtree to grab a busted up set of drawers or experience a world where people are still trying to sell DVDs. Today though, you can buy a full actual limousine.

How much would you want to plop down on a limo that once lost an ARIA award to Bliss n Eso? One hundred dollars? Fifty bucks, and you’re happy to drive there and pick it up? What if I said you could pick it up for a cool $27,000? Well, you can, cause that’s how much it costs.

The ad promises that “this limousine is ideal for doing some part time work to make some extra cash”. Part time work? Being mad sick is a full-time job! You’re not going to buy a limo that was once in a Client Liaison video and not turn it into a full time profession of telling people that “hey, this limo, yeah, it was once in a Client Liaison video. Client Liaison, it’s a band; well, it’s a duo. Yeah, Australian. Yeah, so this limo, it was in a video they made.”

So hop on it! Stocks won’t last! Because there’s only one off white limousine.