Camila Cabello Stole From Kensington Palace On A Dare

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Stealing is never good. UNLESS, and this is the only time it’s okay, you are a pop star and you steal a very tiny thing from Kensington Palace. Camila Cabello, who committed grand larceny when her and her boy Shawn Mendes stole our hearts at the American Music Awards, admitted on radio that she’d swiped from the Palace in the past.

Cabello was chatting with radio DJ Greg James, whose real name is Gregory Milward but goes by Greg James for obvious reasons; nobody would tune in to hear Gregory Milward spin tunes on BBC Radio, but they would listen to the latest tracks getting dropped by Greg James. Greg James wanted all the goss he could get out of the Cuban-American singer so he brought up the time the last time they saw each other.

“Last time I saw you we were at the Palace,” Milward brought up.

“Don’t tell anyone what my mother and I did,” Cabello protested.

But he did bring it up. Presumably because during a pre-interview before the show Greg was all “hey can I bring up at that story from the Palace?” And Camilla was like “Sure, why not.” And then when they were on air they got to act like they hadn’t planned to talk about it.

They were both at Kensington Palace for the Teen Hero Awards, about to meet William and Kate, and in what sounds like a desperate attempt at small talk Greg said to Camilla “you’ve got to steal something” and then she said, “you triple doggy dare me?” A measurement of dares previously unheard of. Double daring exists, and triple daring certainly exists. But the combo of words “triple doggy daring”?

Cabello had heard of it and she said on the show “You can’t not do a triple doggy dare. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my life, it’s that, so I did it.”

As we all know, she didn’t have to accept the triple doggy dare, because triple doggy dares aren’t real things. Double dares are sacrosanct but triple doggy dares? They don’t seem to exist outside of Camilla Cabello’s brain. Camilla though accepted the triple doggy dare and stole a pencil. The moment she stole the pencil Greg James, acting like a real Gregory Milward, dobbed her in.

This whole conversation about the tiny thievery took place in a BBC radio studio and was filmed and plonked on Twitter. Kensington Palace responded to the tweet with the eyes emoji; which is a very funny response, so well done to the social media manager of the Palace. Hopefully, Camilla has learned her lesson and won’t act on any future triple doggy dares.