Can You Quit A Job Via Text?

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What’s an appropriate way to quit your job? What is considered rude and uncouth, and what is considered correct and business-like? If you’re required to give three weeks’ notice, are you able to give that notice via text message, or do you need to send it via an email, or does the laws of office etiquette mean you have to type out a letter and hand it to your boss in person?

Here are some handy tips on how not to quit your job.

Do not under any circumstances write your resignation on a piece of paper, wrap that piece of paper around a brick and then throw the brick through the window of your boss’s Subaru. That’s rude. Don’t do it. Your boss won’t appreciate it. Also, and I don’t need to look this up to know this, but throwing a brick through a car window is a crime. Don’t quit via crime.

What if you work at a burger business that’s in the business of burgers and you are sick and tired of making burgers day in and day out. You should probably let your boss know that you plan to resign by saying “hey boss, do you mind if speak to you in your office for just a moment” and then sit down and explain that your time at this job has come to an end and you plan on finding work elsewhere. You should not, under any circumstances, say “hey boss, I’ve spat in one of the burgers but I won’t tell you which one unless you pay me my remaining weeks’ wages.”

If you work in an office it’s good to send a polite email letting your boss know that this email is you letting them know that you’re giving your four weeks’ notice and that they’ll need to find somebody to fill your position. It’s bad to send an email with this meme:

There are good ways and bad ways to leave your job. The good ways to leave all involve you having an honest conversation with your employer whether in person, via the phone, email or text message. The bad ways to leave your job are all the other ones. The bad ways include, but are not limited to: ghosting, sky-writing, throwing a glass of water in somebody’s face, getting a clown to do it for you, leaving a voice mail message where you yell “BYYYYEEEEEEE” down the phone, and of course, giving them the finger.

So, is it okay to resign via text message? Probably, what do you care? You don’t work there anymore.