Shave Before Your Next Job Interview

Turns out men with facial hair are seen as less employable

What you need to know
  • New research shows having facial hair can make you less employable
  • This is terrible news for my grandmother

There are numerous perks to having a beard. One perk is that sometimes food gets stuck in it, which means you get to enjoy the taste of Monday’s soup for the whole week. Another perk is that people might mistake you for a lumberjack. Those are all of the perks.

Don't try this at home.

But it turns out there might be a serious downside to having facial hair. If you’re a bloke and you’re finding it hard to get a job, have you taken a look in the mirror? And we mean that literally because according to new research, if you’re a man with facial hair, you’re less likely to get the job.

An out of work actor.

The research conducted by psychologists at Rollins College in Florida asked 1000 volunteers to judge the faces of dozens of men. The volunteers found that men with facial hair were seen as lacking warmth – which is bizarre because a beard is an excellent way of keeping your face warm – as well as lacking the ability to get along with colleagues.

Lead researcher Marc Fetscheri wrote in The Journal of Social Psychology that: “Our findings have implications for candidates for jobs in which being perceived as less warm may decrease their appeal.”

The findings are consistent with previous research from 2009 where a survey of over 500 HR professionals found that 90% of them believed that being well groomed was a key to making a strong first impression, and that being clean-shaven helped to set men apart from beardless candidates who appeared to be less tidy. Though, it’s important to note that research was conducted by Gillette, which is kind of like a tobacco company funding research into the dangers of smoking.

This news comes at an important time for any unemployed men about to embark on some Movember fundraising – try to get all your job interviews out of the way before the month kicks off.

It also explains why my grandmother has been unable to find gainful employment for the last 12 years. Sure, she’s 87, but the moustache she’s been sporting on her upper lip obviously hasn’t helped.

So, if you’re a bloke looking for a job and you just don’t want to shave, maybe avoid jobs that require you to be perceived as ‘warm.’ Instead, go out and get a flannel shirt and stick to lumberjacking. It’s what my grandmother is planning to do.