Oxford Dictionary Has Announced Some New Additions. But Are They Worthy?

There’s some new words in the English language but squares beware: these aren’t your grandaddies words, these new words are spicy AF.

Grammar Nazis and spelling pedants are about to lose their minds, because the good people at The Oxford Dictionary have added some new words to their hallowed pages that are likely to ruffle some feathers. Throwing caution to the wind the Oxford Squad has packed out their dictionary with slang and pop-culture references that the nerds in government can’t do anything to stop.

To the haters I say: whatevs. Vocabulary evolves, and you need to find sumfin else to worry about. And yes; “whatevs” and “sumfin” are both in the new list of words, so you can’t get mad that this article is poorly written. According to Oxford it’s actually good and stuff eh.

This books reckon I rite good

But it’s not just misspelled slang words that have made the cut. Star Wars fans will be pleased to know that “lightsabre”, “Padwan”, “Jedi”, “Jedi Mind Trick”, and a bunch of other Star Wars references are also in there. And if you’re asking yourself “But hang on, how is ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ in there? That’s not a word!” Too bad. You know who gets to decide what words are? Oxford Dictionary that’s who. They are the word deciders and they run this town. If they want to add the entire lyrics to Will Smith’s 1998 masterpiece “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” and call it a word, then you just have to shut up and take it.

Other new words include, “Kapow”, “Fakeness”, “Cocky”, “Puckerbrush” (which means dense, tangled undergrowth, and not the dirty dirty thing I thought it meant), and “Slam-Dunk”, which is a surprising late entry. Its inclusion is like when a Hollywood actor who has never won an Oscar gets a lifetime achievement award; “sorry we forgot you for all these years, but here’s a little sumfin’ to make up for it.”

These new additions are really terrific. They reflect the fluidity of our beautiful language and help make the Oxford Dictionary a more inclusive and diverse space. The only thing they need to do now is add the word “Poo-Jogger” and our wonderful English language will finally be complete.