People Upset That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Spent A Normal Amount On A Haircut

It still surprises people when haircuts cost a lot of money.

There are few things people like to slap a politician with than the price of their haircut. The latest case of “oh yeah, well, if you really cared about people you wouldn’t have paid that much for a haircut!” has been directed at Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Washington Times reported that AOC spent $300 on a haircut. Which, of course, is an outrage to them because Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist who doesn’t like rich people and so should be getting her haircut by a dog that’s learnt how to hold scissors and doesn’t charge because it’s “still learning”.

The Times are damning AOC for spending the amount of money, other people are jumping on Twitter saying that $300 is a normal amount for a woman to have to spend.

This isn’t the first time a politician has copped haircut cost splashback. This happens all the time. For some reason all sides have trouble understanding the concept that a person in an incredibly public position would probably pay a lot more for a haircut than Joe JustCuts.

When John Edwards was running for the Democratic nomination back in 2007 he got absolutely dragged in the press because his haircuts were costing between $300 and $500 and he was often flying a personal stylist in to do the work, only adding to the costs.

Back in 1993 there were stories about Bill Clinton holding up Air Force One to get a $200 haircut. And that’s $200 in 1993 money, which would be so pricey now. Honestly, it’s looking more and more like AOC has scored herself an absolute bargain only paying $300.

Of course, Bill wasn’t the only Clinton to fall victim of the “oh no you paid money for a thing that usually costs a lot of money” express – Hillary in 2015 paid $600 for a haircut. Which is a lot of money, unless, for example, you were a former Secretary of State, former Senate, the wife of a former President and also a millionaire in your own right. In which case $600 seems like a normal amount for a haircut.

The big dog in hair care cost was of course French President Francois Hollande who reportedly spent $11,000 per month on his hair. Which, okay, yeah, that one is ridiculous.

Full disclosure: my last haircut cost me $55, should I run for office?