Putin Did A Photoshoot For His 67th Birthday And It’s Hot And Weird

The Russian President is trying to woo us with this dreamy photoshoot. And it’s not working. Kinda.

Remember when Russia maybe possibly interfered with the US election? What about when they made it illegal to be gay? Or when they totally, absolutely, 100 percent did not rig their own elections for decades to install a tyrant in the highest office in the land?  Well forget it because the man that did or did not do all of those things is also a bit hot. And weird.

How can this man be bad? Look at that bouquet of flowers he’s crushing with his crazy Russian strength!
Image Credit: Alexei Druzhinin/Kremlin pool/AP

It’s Putin’s 67th birthday, and to celebrate, he and his press team have gone into the woods, and posed for some not-at-all-psychopathic shots of him trying to make us all horny. But IT’S NOT WORKING PUTIN!

Ok, maybe a little bit
Image Credit: Alexei Druzhinin/Kremlin pool/AP

This isn’t the first time Vladimir “I’m definitely not a dictator” Putin has tried to distract us from his human rights abuses with hot shots of his Russian granddad-bod. There was that time two years ago that he went fishing sans shirt, and for a moment, we all forgot that he was evil.

Water everywhere but we’re still thirsty!

It’s bizarre and frightening and we don’t know why he does it, but Big Papa Putin just can’t decide if he’s a tyrannical, ex-KGB super-villain, or Russia’s top Instagram influencer. Either way, he makes us feel afraid, yet we just can’t look away.

“Hi Lex Lutho… Sorry, Vladamir” Image Credit: Alexei Druzhinin/Kremlin pool/AP

There are many reasons why we can be thankful that we don’t live in Russia. We have more freedom, we have more rights, we live longer, and we don’t have a bunch of nuclear weapons pointed at us 24/7. But the greatest reason is that we can admire this hottie with a body from a distance, without having to live under the rule of his iron fist. That and we can be thankful that we don’t have to see these kind of hot shots coming from our leaders. Oh wait.

Never Forget
Image Credit: The Daily Telegraph