Mum And Daughter Get Matching 'Sexy' Tesla Tattoos

The mother-daughter bond is strong with this pair.

There are few things you can do to truly illustrate to the world the power of the mother-daughter connection.

You can commemorate that love with matching tattoos!

Tattoos of what though? That’s the tricky part.

It’s hard to come up with a tattoo that you and your daughter could get that would perfectly say “hey we love each other”. You could get a tattoo of the other person’s face? But there’s always a risk they muck up the ink.

Nah, that’s too much. What about simply getting each other’s name? Or if that’s too tricky, what about the old school traditional “the word ‘mum’ in a heart” and “‘daughter’ in another heart” on the mum’s arm. Gosh, there are just so many options that you could have.

What about your nicknames for each other? That’s pretty good. That’d be lovely. A nice way to say “hey, we’re mother and daughter and we hang out a lot and that’s pretty nice.”

What about little animals on your arm that represent each other in your minds? Like, “my mother is like a lioness, she is so proud and strong” or “my daughter is an eagle, soaring high but always returning home”. That’d be cute as, animals make for great tattoos.

Or you could get matching tattoos of the Tesla symbol and the word ‘SEXY’ written above it?

Which one do you think Headdie Glidewell and her daughter went with?

Yeah, they went with the Tesla and the Sexy option.

Why? Great question, probably because the slick design and innovative technology that drives Tesla also drives their relationship forward and “SEXY” because, I don’t know, tattoos are sexy?

What’s great about these particular tatts though is that in the photograph they’re still fresh so there hasn’t even been enough time for the regret to set in.

Still it makes the TOYOTA TARAGO BABES tattoo I got with my dad look modest in comparison.