Egg Boy And The Sydney Milk Crate: Action Figures Now Available

Want to take on the forces of terror first-hand in a distinctly Aussie way?

Well now you can, thanks to Dead Set Legends action figures!

The limited edition range of toys, by Aussie artist Cephelopede, features recent newsmaking icons such as:

- Egg Boi! This wielder of ovoid justice will take a crack at arch villain Fraser Anning!

- Milk Crate! Living under the secret identity of a mild-mannered transporter of milk bottles, when freedom is under threat from a knife-wielding maniac, Milk Crate springs into action!

I know, shocking.
I know, shocking.

The new range comes with the endorsement of none other than Egg Boy himself, Will Connolly, who posted about his delight at receiving one of the figures:

Image: willconnolly__ via Instagram

“So this arrived in the post today hahaha what an absolute cracker!! I would never have thought in a gazzilion years that there would be a toy made from my rude head,” Will wrote with a picture of his gift, still in its original packaging, and numbered 5 of 100.

If Will has a pool room, this is going straight to it.

The artist posted their own picture of Egg Boi number 6, “rendered in timeless polyurethane and preserved for all time”, along with the figures on display at the This Is Not A Toy exhibition taking place at the BSide Gallery in Brunswick.

So many eggs, so few Fraser Annings (Image: Cephelopede via Instagram)
The Wall of Justice (Image: Cephelopede via Instagram)
Milk not included (Image: Cephelopede via Instagram)
Milk not included (Image: Cephelopede via Instagram)

It’s not clear whether the crate has received its own action figure, as it doesn’t have an Insta account. But it would be well-equipped for storing them.

The manufacturers note that the art objects are only suitable for ages 6 and up.

And they will be worth more if left in their original packaging, so only break them out if you do need to bring vigilante justice to your toy room.