NEWS FLASH: People Who Get Tattoos Are Reckless

Yes, this news is indeed shocking

What you need to know
  • New research shows people with tattoos are more likely to engage in reckless behaviour.
  • How shocking.

You might want to sit down before reading this: new research has revealed that people who get tattoos are more likely to be prone to making impulsive, snap decisions.

That’s right – remember your friend Natalie who got the Chinese symbol for love tattooed on her lower back only to discover it actually meant ‘INSERT COINS HERE’? Turns out, she might be a little bit reckless.

The study conducted by economists at McMaster University, Canada, of 781 people with tattoos and 255 people without tattoos, sought to discover why people get tattoos.

“I’m an economist. From an economic perspective, this decision to have a tattoo is puzzling,” Bradley Ruffle from McMaster University told the Times. “Tattoos are about making some kind of statement. But, why not just dye your hair or get a personalised T-shirt you can remove?” Probably because they’re not as cool, Bradley.

The study involved presenting subjects with two options: They could either receive $1 in 18 hours, or a larger sum of $1.05 to $2.20 in three weeks. It’s a test that is often used to measure the maturity of CHILDREN and their ability to make rational, forward-thinking decisions.

It turns out that non-tattooed people were more likely to wait the three weeks for the larger sum of money, whereas visibly tattooed participants would only wait that extra period if the sum reached $2.

No regerts.

This might imply that those tattooed participants made rash, hasty decisions without thinking through the consequences thoroughly. Or, it could imply that those tattooed participants just had a really good interest rate in their savings accounts and were very good at crunching the numbers.

Of course, the conclusions being drawn from the research are that people who get tattoos are more reckless than those without tattoos, which is hard to argue against. Tommy Little has heaps of tattoos and just the other week he shaved a couple of lines in his head to see if it meant he would run faster. He joins us on the show tonight, and if he is as reckless as his tattoos would have us believe, he’ll likely be showing off all of his tattoos at the desk.