Ugly Young Royal Figurine Creeps Everybody Out

It is truly the stuff of nightmares

People love the royals, there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people love the royal family so much they’ve decided to cover their abode head to toe in all sorts of royal paraphernalia, from royal mugs, to royal swimsuits and even Harry and Meghan wedding condoms.

But as weird as this stuff is, you can usually understand the aesthetic appeal. The royals aren’t bad looking and they dress nice, so seeing their beaming little faces staring back at you from a commemorative plate as you tuck into your morning kippers makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is this creepy figurine of Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

This hellish monstrosity was created by TK Maxx and was brought to the world’s attention by Twitter user Amelia Perrin, who commented ‘sometimes TK Maxx out-TK Maxxes itself. £60. arguably the worst thing I’ve ever laid eyes upon’.

Now let’s make it clear, we are not insulting the Royal family here. Kate and her children are beautiful humans. What we are poking fun at is the nightmarish recreation of this family in porcelain and the cold dead eyes staring back at us.

Most of twitter felt the same way, some choice comments including…

If you want to nab a copy of this demonic Commemorative Young Royals Porcelain Figurine 16x11cm for yourself, you can get it at the TK Maxx website for a cool 59.99 pounds.