The Spread That Australians Like Most On Toast Is… Butter

Yes, even more than Vegemite.

It is official – Australians are basic. If you thought that we as a people might be adventurous when it came to what we spread our toast in the morning you would be wrong. The number one spread across NSW, Victoria and Queensland is butter.

The info on Aussie’s ordering habits has been released by the app Hey You, which is an app that allows you to order ahead when you go out to eat, even though it sounds like an app that you would use to get somebody’s attention whose name you’ve forgotten.

Hey You told News Corp what each state prefers when it comes to their breakfast choices and the results were underwhelming. Butter was number one in each state followed by Vegemite in second place and peanut butter in third place.

The app has a database of 650,000 people who like to order while on the run and who definitely also describe their favourite genre of music as “anything escape country”.

What do we basics like on top of our toast? In New South Wales they like eggs on their toast. Pretty adventurous people in the Premier State. Victorians and Queenslanders prefer to have avocado on their toast. At this point a lesser writer would make a joke about how Victorians and Queenslanders must never want to own a home, but I think too much of you to make such a comment.

As for what coffee they want to enjoy alongside their pedestrian meal, why it’s the flat white. Why bother even placing an order when you could just show up to the café and the staff could see from the glazed-over look on your face that you’d like to colour between the lines this morning. The flat white is the number one go to coffee order in NSW and Queensland. Victorians prefer to live life on the edge and have a latte. La. Di. Da.

If you’re in South Australia, WA, Tasmania or the Northern Territory never fear, the Hey You app is on it’s way and you too will get the chance to order ahead and get buttered toast with egg on it.