The Mariah Carey Marie Curie Cake Confusion

Marie Curie might have had a beautiful singing voice, we’ll never know

It’s your birthday, you’re a huge fan of Mariah Carey, you tell your mates to get you a big old Mimi cake. When the day comes you expect a sweet slab with a picture of the Mirage on top. What you don’t expect is a chocolate torte with a picture of Nobel Prize Winner, Chemist and Physicist Marie Curie.

Well that is exactly what a woman in the UK received on her birthday. A tweet by her cousin Harriet Alida Lye revealed the bakery-based blunder.

Marie Curie Tweet

It is truly a sight to behold, Marie’s stern expression surrounded by little cupcakes. As always Twitter had an absolute field day, with some cracking replies.

Marie Curie Reply
Marie Curie Reply 2
Marie Curie Reply 3

No word yet on whether Siobhan received a replacement cake. But you know what’s better than a Mariah Carey cake? Being Twitter famous for 30 seconds.