Are Millennials Killing The Doorbell Industry?

Haven’t these Millennials ruined enough things.

It seems like every day there is some hand-wringing article about Millennials bringing about the demise of another industry.

They cannot help themselves.

Whether they are deciding to stop wiping their faces with bits of paper.

Or whether they’ve figured out that you can get exercise at home or by just running around out in the world.

Or even by finally figuring out that the only good spreads are jams or nut butters.

Millennials are bringing about the end of a bunch of things nobody is going to miss all that much.

And if you are willing to take the following tweet completely at face value and not accept that people often tweet jokes then it seems as though Millennials are absolutely up to their industry destroying antics yet again.

There they go again, those pesky Millennials. Is there any demise they won’t try to bring about?

Back in the olden days people used to just walk up to a door and press the doorbell or even knock with their hand. These days there’s an app for everything and Millennials just cannot help themselves and honestly it’s got to stop. Where will this end?

Will the cup industry fold because Millennials have started drinking straight from the tap?

Lack of interest from Millennials spelled the end of the Grumpy Old Men franchise. There is no other reason for there not to be a Grumpiest Old Men film in theatres as we speak other than Millennials and their lack of interest in the grumpy things old men say.

If you would like to help support the doorbell industry you can go out onto your street and go door to door and ring their doorbells.