What Gift Did Scott Morrison Give the Queen?

What do you get a Queen who has everything?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison (often referred to as ScoMo) met with the Queen (never referred to as QuoLiz) in London on Tuesday and their interaction went just about as awkwardly as you would expect.

Mr. Morrison and his wife Jenny (again never once referred to as JenMo) arrived in the United Kingdom and met with the Queen ahead of both of their appearances at Wednesday’s D-Day commemorations in Portsmouth.

The meeting involved a lot of bowing and shaking hands but when the Queen asked the PM if he’d just arrived in the country he said, “we have, from the Solomon Islands.”

Her Majesty was confused, what with him being from Australia and all, and he tried to get out of it by explaining that he popped in to the Solomon Islands “on the way” to London, which only confused the Queen even more, as she understands how geography works and knows that the Solomon Islands aren’t ‘on the way’ to anywhere.

The PM, sounding like your dad at a BBQ trying to explain a shortcut he took to get to the party, backtracked and admitted that the Solomon Islands were “not quite on the way” to the UK but explained he had made an important visit to meet that country’s new Prime Minister. The Queen finally understood the situation and they both smiled and said “Oh, right.”

If that interaction sounds too awkward to handle, it’s okay, it was surely smoothed over by the PM giving the Queen a gift. The gift that every Monarch has ever wanted. He gave her a copy of the book Winx: The Authorised Biography, for her to do a little light reading. That’s right, the PM gave the Queen the same thing you gave your dad for Father’s Day because you forgot to get him a present and popped into a Big W on the way round to his place.

Luckily the PM did not spend far too much time detailing to Her Majesty what a horse is or how a book is made. He saved the awkward overexplaining for later in his travel schedule.

with AAP