Are Hankies Making A Comeback?

Could your Dad have been right all along?

When I think hankies, I think Dads.

I’m pretty sure once you become a Dad, you’re handed a packet of 3 fresh hankies.

My Dad has always carried a hanky, still to this day if I spill something or have something on my face, he whips it out quick as a flash.

I’ve always thought hankies were a bit gross to be honest, being used, then being put back in a pocket for god knows how long.

Only recently have I thought differently.

With the war on waste in full swing, hankies might be the next big thing.

Plastic bag use has declined, as has the use of takeaway coffee cups.

Tissues are the next item on the hit list.

Australians use an estimated 273,000 tonnes of tissue product (including toilet paper) each year.

This is a figure we could easily bring down by popping down to K-Mart and grabbing a few hankies.

Have a think about when you use a tissue.

To blow your nose. A hanky could do that.

To wipe away a tear while watching Masterchef. A hanky could do that.

To stop a finger bleeding after you tried to cook a meal that you saw on Masterchef. A hanky could do that.

So, if you already use a keep cup and a re-usable shopping bag, why not make the next step?

And if you don’t use any of the above, pull your finger out.

The more I think about it, Hankies are actually alright.

And I’d never admit it to his face, but Dad was ahead of his time.