Have You Ever Wanted To Stay With The Clooneys?

George and Amal offering the chance to visit their Italian home.

Ever wanted to pop in on George and Amal Clooney for a meal and a chat?

No? Really? You’re probably right, it would certainly be awkward for a bit. Especially when you run out of things to say to George and end up asking him what the best flavour of Nespresso is just to fill the dead air.

If you’re part of the one percent of people who have ever wanted to have lunch with the Clooneys and wouldn’t screw it up now is your chance.

You could win a “dream double date” at George and Amal’s Lake Como villa in Italy. That’s right, you get to fly to Italy to meet the star of The Peacemaker and a human rights lawyer who 100% does not want to talk about the latest season of Game of Thrones with you.

Through the website Omaze you can place bids to enter the competition and give yourself a chance to win a roundtrip to Italy, a stay at a four-star hotel and a lunch with two people you have absolutely nothing in common with. The good thing is that the money all goes towards the Clooney Foundation For Justice which fights for human rights around the world.

George Clooney recorded a funny video pitching the prize as a chance to meet Amal, an incredibly accomplished human rights lawyer, and also him, a hanger on who does some acting and twice was named Sexiest Man In The World a long time ago.

It’s a fun video, and George seems like a fun guy, and a trip to Italy would be quite nice, and their house is in a lovely part of the world where you can see the beautiful Lake Como and the stunning Alps, and the prosecco and cheeses would be delicious, but if you do win the prize make sure you spend the whole plane ride there trying to figure out what to talk to the Clooneys about for an entire lunch.