Did You Know The World Toe Wrestling Championships Took Place This Weekend?

Of course you did.

What you need to know
  • Toes are the fingers of the feet.
  • Toe wrestling is the arm wrestling of the legs.
  • That is all you need to know.

It’s a bad time to be British right now. Theresa May has resigned, Brexit has sent the country into chaos and they still have no idea how to cook.

So, it’s about time they got to enjoy a win, and this one is huge. British toe wrestler Alan ‘Nasty’ Nash has this weekend taken out the world toe wrestling champion, for the 16th time.

Questions? Yes, you. What is toe wrestling? Great question! Check out this explanatory video which describes it quite succinctly as “arm wrestling but with feet.”

If you need a more elaborate explanation, basically it involves two men (usually overweight) sitting down on some grass and interlocking their big toes. They then play a best of three rounds where they try to push the opponent’s foot up against a sideboard to win. It’s riveting stuff and will almost definitely be an Olympic sport at Tokyo 2020.

Thanks to Reuters, we have excellent vision of Nasty winning his title in front while up to seven people watch on and cheer.

Also, did we mention there’s a referee? Well, yes there is a referee. He watches over proceedings wearing a big hat and tells the athletes when they can commence wrestling. He can also pause the event to reset the toes if the opponents lose grip on each other. He also has to jump in and physically help get the feet to grip together, so hopefully the competitors was their feet in advance. Otherwise, let’s hope the referee is immune to tinea.

Please watch the footage. It’s incredible to watch the combination of raw strength, athleticism, strategy and sitting all at once. We can’t wait for next year.