Do You Wash Your Legs In The Shower?

Twitter has gone crazy over this simple question

When American man, Conor Arpwel, popped a simple poll onto his Twitter feed last week, there’s no way he could have anticipated what happened next.

The poll included a yes or no answer option to the question, ‘Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?’

Most people would probably read that question and think ‘Of course I do!’

But some people, like myself, would have to stop and have a think about it.

I’m not saying I never wash my legs in the shower, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered, the soapy water from my body is going that direction anyway, right?

Over 850,000 people answered the poll, with 80% answering ‘Yes’ and 20% answering ‘No’.

Personally, I think a lot of people have lied on this poll, there’s no way 80% of people are bothering to take the soap, bend over the wash every inch of their legs!

Sure, if you’ve done a bit of exercise or spilled something on your legs, wash away.

But if you’ve done nothing all day, save your energy and let that sweet soapy water do its thing.

And honestly, do legs even smell?

I’ve just bent down and smelt my legs and it turns out they do.

I’m off for a shower.