Spider-Woman Versus The Adelaide Lock-Out Laws

Spider-Woman: 1, Lock-Out Laws: 0

What you need to know
  • Adelaide's lock out laws prevent patrons from entering venues after 3am.
  • One woman has found a creative and dangerous way to overcome these laws.

There are two types of people in this world. There are those who when denied entry to a pub will go get a kebab, jump in an Uber and go home. Then there are those who will scale a building to enter the venue from the second floor.

Which brings us to footage that we can only presume is a trailer for Marvel’s next superhero blockbuster: Spider-Woman whose arch-nemesis are Adelaide’s lock-out laws.

Spider-Woman’s backstory is different to Peter Parker’s. Whereas Parker developed his superpowers after being bitten by a genetically modified spider, Spider-Woman developed her superpowers presumably from years of rock-climbing and/or bouldering, judging by her technique and composure as she scaled the side of this Adelaide establishment.

You see, in 2013 Adelaide introduced lock out laws that prevent patrons from entering venues after 3am to try and curtail violent, alcohol-fueled crime in the city. Of course, what they didn’t count on was people finding a way around those rules. Or, more specifically, finding away above those rules.

Which is exactly what Spider-Woman managed to do. Dressed appropriately in her superhero outfit, which includes sandals (good idea not to wear high heels for this attempt) she managed to scale up the side of the Royal Admiral Hotel on Hindley Street.

Her effort was captured from multiple angles by variously impressed and shocked onlookers, and the footage has since been shared on Shit Adelaide’s Instagram page, where it’s racked up almost 20,000 likes within a day.

No word yet on whether she took the stairs at the end of the night, or whether she just climbed back over the balcony.