This Dream Job Could Be Yours!

Ever wanted to travel the world on a series of luxury yachts?

If you ever thought to yourself “you know what job I’d be good at? Reviewing luxury yachts.” Then do we have the perfect job for you. It’s the job of Luxury Yacht Reviewer.

A start-up site is advertising the chance to apply for a job testing luxury yachts while travelling the world.

The job offer popped up on the website HushHush, a fancy shopping site, that wants to be known as “Amazon for millionaires”. HushHush is looking for somebody to review the yachts before they get listed.

The job pays $1,865 a week and the key job requirements include living on the yacht, eating on the yacht and sleeping on the yacht for a week. While on the yacht you not only get to take heaps of photos of yourself pretending that you own the yacht and sending them to your various friends and family with captions like “yeah, just me on a yacht, nbd”, but you also have to road test every aspect of the vessel from the power sockets, bed, and all of the doors.

If you get the job, you’d get to review up to 50 yachts per year, and earn around $93,000. Which is the perfect amount of money to earn while learning that you actually kind of hate yachts. Sure it was fun to begin with and there was thrill to stepping on the first three luxury yachts but now you’re just on yachts all the time and the yacht life has become the new normal and it would be good to be on land for a while, you know.

If you want to apply for this job that definitely won’t leave you sick of the idea of yachts, head on over to HushHush and submit an application.