Janet Jackson Edits Posters To Give Herself Top Billing

Janet sings, dances and photoshops.

Mega-huge UK music festival Glastonbury released a poster for their 2019 line-up and it features a bunch of big names The Killers, The Cure, Stormzy, Kylie and Janet Jackson.

The official poster.

Janet Jackson, or at least the person who works for her and oversees her Twitter account, tweeted out the exciting news but made one noticeable edit.

Janet’s name was still in the top line of the poster, but she’d moved from the end of the row to the very start, in front of the Brightside boys.

The Jackson edit

A lot of people are obviously stoked to see Janet Jackson at the Festival without needing to see her name first on that list.

There’s no way to know for sure who made the edit. Whether it was an assistant who wanted to boost Janet’s ego by putting her name first, or whether it was Janet herself sitting in front of photoshop cropping and copying and pasting.

There’s a lot more edits she could have done to the poster – removing Liam Gallagher entirely – or changing The Cure’s name to say “Sad Old Goths” – so we should really be thankful she only did some moving of names.

Also, in the grand scheme of terrible things another Jackson has allegedly done this isn’t so bad.