Fool’s Gold: The $20,000 Banana

People are going bananas for Coles’ latest plastic promotion.

Ever since last year’s runaway success Little Shop, Coles has been aware of just how keen people are to collect pointless tiny plastic toys.

And when they launched the Stikeez range of fresh fruit and vegetables – turned into unperishable, inedible plastic – they made sure that they really encouraged the collector mentality by setting up Stikeez Swap Days, where desperate collectors can trade their spare plastic blueberries for someone else’s spare plastic strawberries.

But they went one further by introducing rare Stikeez.

That’s right, finding a glowing cucumber in your supermarket is no longer a dangerous sign of radioactive waste, but rather a moment to celebrate!

And king among all the rare Stikeez is the golden Billy Banana. There are only 100 in the entire country, and each one comes with a $100 gift card.

But no-one cares about the gift card. Everyone wants that solid gold banana! (Which, just to clarify, is actually solid plastic.)

It’s the Wonka Golden Ticket of 21st Century Australia. What joy to receive one for just $30 worth of groceries!

But some lucky shoppers, who seemingly aren’t so interested in having an exclusive collection of rare suction-cupped plastic fruits, are heading to eBay to turn their plastic gold into actual gold.

And they’re finding customers willing to turn their actual gold into plastic gold.

One Billy Banana with the golden glow sold for a massive $20,100 – plus $15.50 postage – causing waves of disbelief to wash over social media.

“Absolute 1st world idiocy,” said one person who simply doesn't understand the banana appeal.

But while no other plastic banana approaches the $20,000 mark, there is still plenty of opportunities to spend thousands of dollars on one.

Practically bargains by comparison
Practically bargains by comparison

Hey, for $20,000 you could almost get the whole bunch.