How Will The Internet Celebrate Turning 30?

The Internet plans on canceling its plans and lying on the couch scrolling through itself.

The internet was invented thirty years ago by Sir Tim Berners-Lee who we have to be forever grateful that he didn’t name the world wide web after himself, so that we don’t have to say things like “you can search for it on the Berners-Lee” or “my Auntie lost three thousand dollars through a Berners-Lee scam”.

Sir Tim has used this 30th anniversary to call on the public and politicians to “come together” to end the internet’s misuse. Which feels very much like the resolutions made at the thirtieth birthday party of anybody. “You know what! I’m thirty now! No more mucking about!”

The founder of the World Wide Web Foundation said the internet had created opportunities for good but had also become a space used by "scammers" and "given a voice to those who spread hatred, and made all kinds of crime easier to commit". Also it has very much become a place where people can share Minions memes willy-nilly and I hope Sir Tim thinks about that before bed every night.

First proposed by Sir Tim as an information management system in 1989 while he was working for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), around half of the world's population is now online. Which means on any one day up to 3 billion people could be saying “I’m so bored” while scrolling past updates from their nearest and dearest.

In the letter he wrote, Berners-Lee said it would be "defeatist and unimaginative" to assume that the web could not be changed for the better given how far it has come in its first 30 years. Just think, in thirty years’ time we could be arguing with strangers in a way we haven’t even thought of yet!

In tribute to Sir Tim Berners-Lee let’s use this thirtieth birthday celebration to be nice to each other on the internet, and then get bored of that after six minutes and scroll through a Wikipedia article on The Dust Bowl before getting stuck in a loop of YouTube videos that show you how balloons are made.

-with AAP