If You Like Sushi You’re More Likely To Eat Crickets

The more adventurous your diet already is, the more open to new things you are.

Ever wanted to try deep-fried crickets? No? Why not? They’d be crunchy and deep-fried, like tiny noisy chickens.

Sure, after that description you might already be off the idea of eating insects but I know what might convince you to give them a try, and I don’t mean when you finally become just famous enough to appear on I’m A Celebrity…

If you eat sushi you are more likely to be a bit adventurous in your diet, so you’re more likely to give a bite of a beetle a go.

An international study conducted by La Trobe University involving 476 people found that 82 percent of participants said they’d be willing to eat insects and 43 percent of those people ate sushi on a regular basis.

"Until relatively recently, the idea of trying sushi -- let alone having it become a mainstream menu item -- was often thought of with disgust in many societies," co-author of the study Dr Matthew Ruby said.

"Just like eating sushi, eating insects will take some getting used to."

"It appears the more open you are to 'exotic' foods, the more willing you'll be to taste-test a grasshopper, or an ant, or even a spider." Spider? Okay, now he’s messing with us.

In the world there are over 2,000 species of insects that are edible and while we 100% do not want to be involved in having to figure out which insects are or are not edible, we do know that many of those 2,000 species can be a source of high-quality protein.

So if you’ve just chowed down on a California Roll for lunch, you never know, a year from now you might be bringing a big box of cricky-bickies back to your desk to eat on your break.