How Many Towels Should You Own?

Is there a correct number of fluffy rectangles?

How many towels do you own?

How many towels SHOULD you own?

Is there a correct number?

Why do I want to know? That’s not important. What’s important is that a user on Twitter asked a bunch of people what the correct number of towels you should own is and then over 2,000 people had an opinion.

Abdul had just moved in with his girlfriend and he thinks the right number of towels to own is 10. Is that right? Or is the right answer – no towels. Should they own no towels and let the air dry them?

Or is the real right answer 1,000 towels? Should your house be filled mostly with towels?

One reply particularly fired up the internet when they suggested this was the correct number of rectangular pieces of material one should own:

Is it even possible to own 20 wash cloths?

And is there a world where the correct answer is:

0 Bath Sheets 2 Bath Towels 400 Hand Towels ½ Wash Cloth