Would You Go Vegan For Beyoncé And Jay-Z?

The power couple are offering one lucky fan a lifetime of free tickets to go vegan.

How far would you go in order to get your hands on tickets to any Beyoncé and Jay-Z shows for the rest of your life?

Would you walk from Melbourne to Sydney? No?

Would you do a nudie run down your street? Maybe?

What about this, would you become a vegan?

If you said ‘no’ to becoming vegan then you’ve ruled yourself out of having any chance of winning a lifetime of free tickets to Queen B and Jay-Z.

On Thursday, Beyoncé asked fans on Instagram to commit to eating a certain amount of vegan meals in order to enter the contest.

So far, the post has over 550,000 likes.

As per her Instagram post, Beyoncé has pledged to participate in meatless Mondays and eat plant-based meals for breakfast.

Other options (for people interested) include eating all plants, all the time, plant-based meals at work, or two plant-based meals a day.

I don’t know about you, but for me to get on board, I think they’d need to throw in a large sum of cash as well.

The initiative known as Greenprint says that meat-free meals can help in the fight against climate change.

Via its website, it also demonstrates the positive impact of going vegan, from absorbing harmful emissions, to cleaner water, and even the conservation of power.

I say good luck to all who enter.

If you win, not only will you be seeing an awesome concert, you’ll have access to some fantastic vegan meals backstage.

Please note, you can only enter the competition if you are an American citizen.