Otter Remains Koi Over Vancouver Murders

Drama in Vancouver as fish eating otter eats fish!

What you need to know
  • Otter eats 10 valuable koi fish in Vancouver pond
  • Otter is yet to be caught
  • Authorities are considering draining the pond

The Canadian city of Vancouver is on high alert.

A killer is on the loose.

Police have warned people to stay in their homes, unless they have to go to work, or the shops, or to catch up with friends.

The killer’s count currently stands at 10 and is expected to rise, unless the Vancouver Park Board can successfully remove the remaining four koi fish from the water at the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

An otter stalks its next victim. (Image: An Otter/Pixabay)

The killer (pictured), is a Canadian River Otter, one of the least deadly animals on the planet.

According to Global News, the drama began on the 17th of November when the otter (name unknown) was spotted with a mouth full of precious koi.

Since then nine more koi fish have gone missing, this has coincided with the stomach of the culprit growing 10 times its original size, leaving authorities with no doubt as to who the murderer is.

Authorities have tried to capture the fugitive by using special traps scented with fish oil, so far, their efforts have gone unrewarded.

Some have suggested that authorities shouldn’t worry about traps and should just pick the otter up with their hands - this would be incredibly easy due to the otter being absolutely stuffed and unable to move. (it ate 10 large fish in 10 days!)

Either way, the mind games continue.

Just yesterday, the Vancouver Park Board took the extreme step of draining the pond in an effort to make catching the surviving fish easier, you know who else this will help?

Advantage murderous otter.

This story has captured the world’s attention, and rightly so.

Who doesn’t love it when a cute and cuddly psychopath eats its way through a pond full of prized, treasured koi fish.

However it plays out nature is the winner… actually the otter is the winner, 10-0.