Job Outsourcing Platform Reveals Australia’s Laziest Suburbs

Australians are putting down the tools and picking up their phones, and it’s not to watch DIY YouTube videos. Many people are using ‘Airtasker’ to outsource chores and jobs they don’t want to do themselves.

Community platform Airtasker has compiled a list of suburbs where users are most likely to advertise certain jobs, of the 35,000 tasks published to the app each week.

The most common jobs posted were what you might expect, ranging from cleaning, gardening and decorating. Some jobs posted in the app were less common and actually just straight-up weird.

One user posted a job for someone to 'pick my belly button fluff' for five dollars. Apart from the obvious wrongness of this, five dollars does not seem even close to what I would expect as minimum wage for a belly button fluff extractor.

Another user offered $120 for someone to bake a 'delicious vegan butt cake'. You might be thinking ‘But butts aren’t vegan?!’ and you’d be right, they are after the slightly less weird butt-shaped version of butt cake.

Another user seemed to be short on family members for a baptism barbecue and was willing to pay $500 for someone to pretend to be their relative.

Airtasker CEO Tom Fung has stated that they see a lot of tasks for getting spiders out of houses. Finally, something that makes sense.

The most popular task requested in the country is cleaning, with 148,591 jobs outsourced this year.

monkey chores GIF

Removalist jobs were the second most outsourced with 122,140 postings. Handyman jobs were the third most popular jobs to be outsourced with 93,961 postings.

These were followed closely behind by gardening and then tech support – good luck if you need help downloading the app.

Victorian suburbs completely dominated the top 10 outsourcing jobs for gardening as Point Cook, Brunswick East, Tarneit, Reservoir, Craigieburn, Coburg North, Richmond, Northcote, Hampton Park and Bentleigh East topped the list.

New South Wales suburbs seemed to have the biggest pest problems: Parramatta, Pyrmont, Blacktown, Randwick, Surry Hills, Liverpool and Strathfield residents put out the most calls for pest control.

Queensland residents put out a lot of requests for handyman services. It’s hot there and if you can pay someone else to jump on the roof, why wouldn’t you?

bill murray superman GIF by SNL

Look around. Have you been meaning to fix that wonky door for a year, but don’t want to learn how, and don’t want to be disappointed when you inevitably mess it up? Then lay down on the couch, download Airtasker and join the community of Australia’s laziest.

Top outsourcing suburbs (NSW and VIC) 

  1. Surry Hills (NSW)
  2. Richmond (VIC)
  3. Bondi Beach (NSW)
  4. South Yarra (VIC)
  5. St Kilda (VIC)
  6. Paddington (NSW)
  7. Parramatta (NSW)
  8. Randwick (NSW)
  9. Darlinghurst (NSW)
  10. Manly (NSW)