ScoMo Smashes A Breakfast Beer

The PM seems to be channeling the great Bob Hawke

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  • ScoMo likes beer

We all love having a drink in the morning. And by ‘we’ I mean football players at Mad Monday and our Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Visiting the Six Strings Brewery in Erina on the NSW Central Coast on Wednesday, ScoMo decided to have a taste of the local produce, pouring himself a beer during the visit alongside Federal MP for Robertson Lucy Wicks and one of the brewery’s co-owners Ryan Harris.

Whenever you see a politician drinking a beer on camera, you know there must be an election coming up. Since becoming PM in a smooth, bloodless transition of power that definitely did not reduce the state of Australian politics to a farcical bin fire driven by politicians’ Machiavellian desire for power and revenge, the coalition’s new leader has been striving hard to craft an image of himself as a totally normal, ordinary, down-to-earth Aussie bloke who enjoys beer and tax cuts.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison choosing a beer over an onion. (2018 AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

So this morning’s brewery visit was the perfect opportunity to continue shaping his likable and certainly not contrived persona. He even got to pour himself a beer, though it is unclear as to whether he had the requisite RSA to do so legally. Nonetheless, according to co-owner Chris Benson speaking to the Daily Telegraph: “He poured it quite well, he must have done it before.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin launching his campaign to become the next Prime Minister of Australia

ScoMo was even given a complimentary six-pack to take with him, presumably so that he could have a few travelers on his way to the next brewery or winery in the region.

There are a few things to learn from today. Firstly, if having a schooner in the morning is part of the job description, no wonder so many people are scrambling to become PM.

And, secondly, if the PM can get away with having a drink first thing in the morning before carrying on with his workday, so can you. Next time you get called in to HR for smashing Jägerbombs at your morning meeting, remind them that if the most powerful man in the country can do it, so can you.