Tap To Pray: Sydney Church Introduces Collection Platewave

Now it’s more convenient than ever to be pious

Jesus may have overthrown the tables of the moneychangers. But St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney is overthrowing the whole system of religious money collection.

They’re trialling a new collection plate, with a built in tap-and-go payment machine, so parishioners no longer need to carry a pocketful of loose change.

Instead they can pay by Visa or PastorCard.

“The plates were introduced to offer a solution to parishioners and visitors who continually asked for an alternative electronic way to donate,” Helen Morassut, general manager of St Mary’s Cathedral, told SBS.

The fancy new Praypass connection comes with a catch though – the plate only allows the faithful to donate in $10 increments. Which is a pretty big hint that the rattle of 5 cent pieces doesn’t cut it any more.

And it’s caused a bit of a backlash.

A post on the Cathedral’s Facebook page last Thursday about the new plate was taken down after receiving more than 1500 comments.

The church posted a follow-up thanking those who made “rational and coherent comments on our recent post”. (All five of them.)

“At the end of the day we have to change, adapt, and offer solutions to our visitors and parishioners,” Ms Morassut said.

“We are just catching up to the rest of the world.”

Apparently they’ll be considering live tweeting their sermons, and they’re considering upgrading their line to God to 5G.

That would offer speeds of up to 25 genuflects per second.

Featured Image: AP Photo/Rick Rycroft/St Mary’s Cathedral