How Much Ham Is Too Much Ham?

Woman charged after allegedly taking a few slices of ham every day for years.

A woman in Ohio has been charged with theft after allegedly taking a few slices of ham from her work every day for years.

She had been working at the grocery store chain for Giant Eagle for eight-years and every day she would supposedly take three to five slices of ham. Some would say that is a reasonable amount of ham to skim from your workplace, others might say that is not nearly enough.

Not a gif of the accused but potentially an accurate reading of her life motto

Her name has not been released to the public so we will only refer to her as “Ham Queen”. The Ham Queen was apparently dobbed in by a fellow employee who, it seems clearly wasn’t enjoying a balanced diet of work-sourced ham slices. The food that she is claimed to have stolen over the eight years is valued at US$9,200. She has not been asked to return the ham.

Ham in its natural habitat

The authorities released details saying that she also would sometimes steal salami; whether this is correct remains to be seen.

This news has surely sent a shiver down the spine of every deli worker in the country, and certainly will make even office workers think twice before skimming some office supplies out of the stationery cupboard.

This was meant to be a gif of smoked ham - get out of here, Jon Hamm!