Ho Ho Help! Santa’s Shopping Centre Helpers In Short Supply

80 beardy blokes wanted to make sure Christmas isn’t cancelled

Hold the sleigh! Australia is in desperate need of some jolly old fellows.

Preferably with nice big white beards.

As we’re now well into Spring, we’re approaching the next season: Festive. And for the country’s shopping centres, that means queues of children looking for a chance to tell Santa what they want.

Across the countryside, more than 400 Santa’s lookalike helpers are sent to department stores and malls, to take note of children’s wishes and pass it back up the chain to the big man at the North Pole.

But according to Santa photographers Scene To Believe, they are about 80 helpers short for the upcoming Christmas rush. And they’re calling for jolly men to apply to save Christmas for thousands of children.

Imagine the tragic scene of a Santa-less shopping centre. A panicked elf may try to fill the gap, squeaking out a trebly “ho-ho-ho”… but it’s not going to cut it. Christmas shopping needs a Father figure.


Of course, to do the job you do need to be a Saint. You will need to hold a current Working With Children check (apparently working with children is part of the job), and your own big white beard is a plus – but not essential.

The organisers will provide you a beard if necessary – and for those who aren’t quite as jolly around the waistline, they’ll also provide a little extra Christmas spread.

The role includes paid training, full costume, and support, as detailed in a contract which no doubt includes the all-important Santa Clause.

It’s a great job if you enjoy spending time with children, especially reeling off lists of the mountains of consumer goods they’d like to play with. Or if you’re a big fan of the sound of screaming two year olds – and their parents, who have paid for their photos in advance.