Catch ‘em Red Handed

Coles (Little) Big Red Hands spark new wave of mini mania

To many people collecting scaled down plastic groceries is a baffling, pointless, environmentally pig-headed waste of our short time on this beautiful planet. But not to us at The Project! Why, when it comes to the Coles Mini Shop range of stupid little collectable things, we’re positively buzzing with micro madness!!

(Just the other day, we were all down at the supermarket together (Carrie and Waleed lead the whole crew on a weekly shopping expedition re-stock the cheese fridge under The Project desk) and when Tommy Little picked up a Coles mini banana, someone shouted out ‘Now that’s a LITTLE banana’ and we all laughed and laughed and laughed.  You might have noticed us all still chuckling at the start of the show.)

Anyway, enough about us and things that definitely happened in real life.  There are big things afoot in mini land. And those big things that are afoot, ironically, are small and a hand. Hundreds of small red hands, to be precise.

Of all the teeny tiny items in the Coles miniverse it’s the small red hands that are the most desired. Not only are they the most scarce, they also come with a $100 Coles voucher (not a tiny voucher, a full size one). And Coles has just shared the news that there are still seven hundred (from the original one thousand) of the blighters still to be got.

If you’re not lucky enough to snap one up at the counter, don’t worry! You still have a shot at the arguably greater satisfaction of buying one on eBay. And with a full set of minis going for the low, low price of $1000, why wouldn’t you? After all, adults with disposable income taking what is essentially a novelty designed for kids and ruining it with money and avarice is what made Star Wars what it is today!*

So, whether you’re a child with an eye for whimsy, or an adult with nothing else in their life, why not go out there and grab yourself a hand, today!

*An unbearable fan-forced hellhole!