The Free Queen Portrait Free-For-All

Australians are entitled to a lot of free loot and people are losing their minds

If you like free stuff brace yourself for some good news.

And if you identify as a flag-waving Royalist you may want to sit down for this.

It turns out one of the reasons Australia is known as the lucky country is that you – yes you – are entitled to a whole heap of free gear including a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Thanks to the Parliamentary Business resource Act there exists the snappily-titled “Constituents’ Request Program” which entitles Aussie voters to “nationhood material”.

As well as portraits of the Queen or, if the mood should strike, Prince Phillip, the free material in question also includes flags (Australian, both Indigenous flags, and the Red Ensign), booklets about said flags and other national symbols, and recordings of the national anthem.

It does not include subsidies for Southern Cross tattoos.

Basically if you can vote in Australia you are legally entitled to be girt by this free gear and all you need to do is request it through your local MP or Senator.

And guess what? We are the only country in the Commonwealth to offer this!

Your move New Zealand.