Moccona’s All-New Classic Recipe Gets An Online Roasting

Instant coffee change gets instant backlash

Instant coffee doesn’t usually inspire outpourings of passion.

After all, it’s a drink that advertises itself not by flavour or satisfaction, but by the length of time it takes to prepare. Mmmm… that’s rapid.

But for those who admit to a taste for instant coffee in public, Moccona is frequently the brand of choice. With exotic choices like French and Mocha Kenya, this ain’t no International Roast, friends.

But like so many brands, Moccona has felt that they need to improve on adequate. And so, they’ve changed the recipe of their Classic Medium Roast (number 5).

Making it an all-new Classic, whatever that means. They could at least have changed the font from that classic calligraphy to indicate that they’d updated the recipe. Perhaps Comic Sans?

Predictably, the world has responded with displeasure, if not outright disgust.

Over 400 reviews on Product Review has left the coffee with an average rating of 1.2 stars, and reviews such as “dreadful”, “disgusting swill”, “ruined my life” and “the most foul thing I’ve put in my mouth!”

A user called JLM from Gympie spotted a change on the label.

“Originally: Made in Netherlands from Imported Coffee Beans. New: "Richer Aroma" Made in Germany with Coffee beans from Multiple Origins. Packed in Netherlands. Uh Oh.”

One customer, Scott Payne, was pushed so far as to start up a petition.

“The new formula is disgusting, tastes burnt, and is undrinkable”, the petition, which has attracted over 400 signatures, reads.

But can Moccona extricate themselves from this situation? After all, after the backlash against New Coke, Coca-Cola reintroduced Coke Classic. But what can Moccona do this time?

Bring back Moccona Classic Classic?

A statement from Jacobs Douwe Egberts said the company was “saddened” by the response.

“Our Moccona Brew Masters have recently improved the blend and processes to offer a richer aroma whilst still delivering a high-quality product.

“We undertook extensive consumer testing which had positive results and a liking for this richer aroma, which delivers a rounded, balanced medium roast flavour.

“We believe that this is the difference that you have noted as we have upgraded our coffee brewing processes which has meant we can capture more flavour and aroma from each coffee bean.

“If you do prefer a milder blend, we would like to suggest trying our Moccona “French Style No. 3” blend which is a light-medium roast."

It tastes just like that blend you didn't used to buy.

Will brands never learn? Or is this a sneaky way to get your instant coffee into the news?

That trick never works.