Get Yourself A Castle From Game Of Thrones

$880,000 mortgage could get you a piece of Riverrun

Game of Thrones fans, have you ever dreamed of owning one of those gorgeous castles?

Well now, you can get some of the way there, and become Lord or Lady of Riverrun.

Yes, the castle where Catelyn Stark was raised is on the market. At least bits of it are.

The castle which served as Riverrun on the hit HBO show is actually Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland, and these days is split into 23 luxury residences.

And six of them are on the market, including The Round Tower, The Old Keep and The Inner Bailey, each featuring five bedrooms.

More “modest” at three bedrooms apiece are the apartments described as The Great Hall, The Dining Room House and The Library Wing. The average size of each apartment is 3,500 square feet.

Built in the mid-1800s by the 2nd Earl of Gosford, the history of the castle includes military usage in World War II and The Troubles, not to mention the War of the Five Kings in Season 1.

The agent is accepting offers over £500,000 (AU$880,000), so living in luxury in Westeros could be cheaper than a house in most Australian capital cities.

However luxury is relative - the agents warn that the apartments don’t come with any heating. So it’s not so good when Winter is coming.

And you will have to provide your own throne, if you want to join in the game.

The estate agent page features a three and a half minute video, made up entirely of aerial footage of the castle, possibly a dragon’s eye view. Or, more likely, some sort of Game of Drones.

And to get all that subdivision approved, the original owner may well have engaged in some sort of Game of Zones.

Still, if you’re interested, it might be worth contacting your bank to enter into the Game of Loans.

I know, I know… enough of this… Game of Groans.

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