This Chicken Has Copped Some Poorly Timed Abuse

Why these buffalo wings came complete with crude hand-written review

Supermarkets are often accused of being sterile places, devoid of personality, a sea of marketing, with shelves of produce always going the hard sell.

Which is perhaps why a customer wondering the aisles of his local Woolworths was so surprised to find rows of boxes of fried chicken wings apparently hand-labelled with a crude one-word assessment of the contents.

“It took me a minute to realize why someone would be writing ‘shit’ all over the Woolworths chicken,” the customer (known to us only as AwwwwwwwwwWYeah) posted on Reddit.

There's no need for such fowl language...
There's no need for such fowl language...

So what was behind it? Were fed-up workers rebelling against their conditions and taking it out on some innocent buffalo wings?

Had a self-deprecatingly-handled graffiti artist busted loose with some tagging?

Had someone at the packaging plant had their feathers ruffled and decided to give this chicken a roasting?

Are Woolworths rebranding as the Fresh Rude People?

Or was it just shit chicken?

The answer was none of the above. (Although having not tasted it, we can’t vouch for the last.)

It turns out this chicken roasting was all down to a timing problem. Specifically, the time it was cooked: 7:45.

Which, if you alter your perspective by around 180 degrees, is what was written on the chicken boxes.

So there you go, a perfectly innocent explanation. Though one time of the day has just earnt itself a crappy reputation.