You Won’t Believe What New Use They Have For Drones In Japan

Finally, I can use my phone and change a light bulb while standing in a lightning storm

First there was the Amazon delivery drone, then the taxidermy cat drone and then there was the burrito drone (hopefully).

But now we have the drone we’ve all been waiting for; the umbrella drone.

If you can’t be bothered taping your old umbrellas to your head, then get ready to fork out about two hundred and seventy-three big ones US for this hovering brolly.

Based in North Tokyo; Asahi Power Service is the group responsibly for this floating canopy and plan to release the Hands-free bumbershoot in 2019, so don’t throw out your old umbrellas just yet (unless they're a bit broken, then definitely throw them out).

The current prototype weighs 5kg and can only buzz for about 20 minutes on a single charge. Which is not ideal, but enough time to walk to the shops, and then maybe catch a taxi for the trip home. The final model should weigh 1kg and fly for about 60 minutes without charge.